The Project

In our initial stages, we plan to focus our promotional work in ​​EU countries, with the possibility of expanding beyond EU markets later.

*SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS STANDARDS An increasingly wider range of consumers are placing more value in socially-conscious and environmentally sustainable goods. These consumers will seek products that have notable health and environmental standards.

*UNIQUE AND RARE PRODUCTS: Our food products come from ​​Central Italy, with particular attention to the province of Piceno and the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake.There are many places in Central Italy, each with its own specificity, history, tradition and knowledge that makes food products uniquely their own and unmatched elsewhere. Since these products can only be produced in this region, the certification of geographic origin (D.O.P. and E.G.P.) will reinforce even more value for the customer.

*ARTISANAL The food products, due to the particular production techniques, typically operates outside of industrial standardization and are valued even more.

*LOCAL VOICE and ADVOCACY The Domus network gives “voice” to small businesses in the territory and opportunities to enter different markets to create value for themselves and to distribute more broadly than if they were operating alone.

*STRATEGY and ETHICS Domus is not just a commercial intermediary but rather aims to be a producer platform that shares certain fundamental values ​​as essential to all actions and business.