The companies participating in the Domus project share and hold up the following principles and values:

Promotion of high quality food products created for the protection of the well-being and health of the person;

Promotion of environmental and social sustainability. Companies adopt production processes and management in line with respect for the environment, workers’ rights and the general person;

Promotion and enhancement of their territory and land. The companies value the link between their territory and their products. Therefore, all communication and promotion of the product are marked to convey pride and connection with their respective ​​territories;

Promotion of the network among companies, in a logic of collaborative economy, as an opportunity to share experiences of knowledge and tools, essential to create value for the consumer and the company itself. The promotion of the network between the business and the consumer community are aimed at creating value.

Recognition of the role of the consumer not only as an end user of the asset but a well-informed participant in the story of our land.